Entity or construct?




Are they an entity or a construct?
Or who are their relatives and acquaintances?
Which healer or shaman is really an entity?

If we know who of our fellow human beings is an entity or a construct, then we can better deal with them and influence them.
This knowledge eliminates many misunderstandings and helps to better understand each other in the future.

There is always a being behind entities, which directly affects the human body.
Entities make their own decisions and are able to develop independently.

Constructs are created and divided into pure constructs, controlled by the earth matrix / matrix entities and constructs, which are additionally controlled by the consciousness parts of a supersoul (entities) from a distance.

To query for entity or construct, we need the first and last name, as well as date of birth of the corresponding person.
Also another hint (email, place of residence, etc.) would not be bad, since there are enough people in Germany alone, who have the same first and last name, as well as date of birth.


In this game here on the field Earth, entities as well as constructs (for hints, help, support, as a mirror, etc.) are needed, otherwise this game would not be possible.
Constructs are not considered inferior just because they can only develop to a certain degree, but in this game they are more than helpful to the entities.
Constructs lead a life as well as the entities, only that they are led by the life and have special tasks for mostly several entities.