Personal meeting as individual help




Our work here in the game is important and we use our time daily to play in this game.
This also means that our time is limited and we can not meet every day with someone who wants to do so by the way.
Getting to know you personally, there will surely be time or meeting later, when we have started to build up our spiritual center, and we are happy to assist in any way.

If you would like to get to know us first, you can book a personal meeting here, which has a time window of 8-10 hours.
The price for it is certainly not small, but our time is worth it and we use the reward of our work everything for the structure of our center, which then finally many people to good comes.

If you want to book “Fideleidis” our medium and your companion “Marco”, then here in Dresden can be in a place of your choice or in another city or country.
The full travel costs they would have to carry separately for us and pay in advance!
The price for the 8-12 hours (applies as daily rate, depending on the circumstances of the location and circumstances) must also be paid in advance!
Fideleidis & Marco will then answer all your questions and respond individually to your problems or issues, each with its own specific style, which will produce a uniqueness of effect in the mix.

If they want to work with us and need our help in researching a variety of topics that can only be learned spiritually, then we are also available for them as long as they fit the purpose / necessity of the game here.

If you are interested, please contact us by email:

Please note our legal notice in the menu “Offers”, to which we are obliged!