W = knowledge

A = authenticity

S = sovereignty

E = knowledge

I = inspiration

N = new beginning

Welcome to WASEIN the 2nd stage of our knowledge.

We call it the (pre-school), which connects to our first page LunaTerraMartis (kindergarten).

Our first spiritual insights, which came approximately after a four-year journey, have been presented comprehensively on our website lunaterramartis.com.
Today we know that only a limited view has been provided to us since our consciousness was initially very limited.
It was the view within the game here, which is covered by manipulations of the military matrix, which often confused our medium in queries.
We have partially explored and fought the energetic players of the military matrix down to the last detail, but have not seen the big picture.
Nevertheless, it was interesting insights into the work and procedure of the military matrix, which allows us to better recognize and understand much in the field of energetic occupations and burdens.

Our point of view has now expanded and we see the whole game from the outside and a little more.
We want to enlighten and accompany the people now, as this is also our task here in the game.

We are on the way to accept our own true greatness and to get back our full consciousness.
The constant contact with our highest being, is a prerequisite for us, so that we can ultimately lead a true authentic life with our own responsibility.
We are radio bearers, we give impulses and hints, and we open doors for you so that you can gradually regain your full consciousness.

Some who are now ready will awaken with our help, and for others it is not yet the time when each person has his own planned path ahead of him.

In the end, however, we all have one common goal, our self-discovery!

We want to create a spiritual center in the future, a contact point for all areas.
Everybody likes to be able to support this with his abilities and resources by contributing in his own way.

Contact us and we CONNECT, BEGLEITEN and CREATE together our new world.

Fideleidis & Marco