We already know each other from our first page “LunaTerraMartis”.
There we called ourselves Manna & Mo.
Manna & Mo were our artist names, which we chose ourselves with consciousness at the time.
We have developed further and continue with this page our old previous page “LunaTerraMartis”.

From now on we will use our normal names given back to us since the birth of our human body. It does not matter how our names are or how we will ultimately call ourselves, but only what we will do with our being.

Our names are Fideleidis & Marco.


My being, like all other beings here in the game with a special task on the way.
I am a radio bearer and a beacon at the same time.
Here in the game I was given the ability of special perception, energetic communication and direct fine operation in the energetic invisible area.
Like any other entity, I am on the path of self-discovery and on the way to becoming a mentor or specialist who can then work in many different areas.
For almost 5 years now I have the ability of energetic communication with other humans / animals / beings, which was first laid for me for the first time in an animal communication course that I visited for fun.
Currently, I am completing my awareness and acting as a medium, as well as accompanying other people on their way to full consciousness.


My being comes from very far away and is connected to the root source.
I love the perfection and the simplicity of handling things in this game.
I too am on the path of self-discovery with the goal of the constant progress of my tasks.
I woke up with Fideleidis at the same time and since then we have been intensively researching in the spiritual realm.
Currently my duties are observation, accompaniment, giving notice, as well as registering structural changes of this game.
I am a bridge into areas that the mind and consciousness can no longer recognize, a kind of connection that receives information and transcends the boundaries of the levels of consciousness.
My current activities are observing, accompanying, connecting, creating and changing.